Couplandia (a poem)


"Acceleration is accelerating,
We've never been smarter: we've never felt stupider,
And REAL TIME often feels like neither.
But where does personality end and brain damage begin?"
What separates Empire State from LEGO houses?
Rancors robbed of colour as colours rob with rancour,
Pipe proud and erect, victorious in a jetsam of uncertainty.
This is definitely a Pipe!
A tide-worn rope struggles to split what is exhibit from what is real,
Symbols abound in this geometric 'utopia'
But only shadows tell a true story.
"Objects become your proxy - they become you".
Vistas comprised of shards of hue
Only come alive through skewed view and furrowed brow
Northern lights or stalagmites?
Descend into a world of pixels
Or a children's puzzle (which was not meant to be finished)
Did we go too far?
"Scorned as timber, beloved of the sky"
These candied towers pierce the sky ground
like popsicles or lego trees or 'Gen X' egos.
Hope? Or just a rainbow-white flag?
Can mere colour and shape identify an age?


NB – cover art is by Douglas Coupland and the parts in speech marks and underlined are direct quotes from Coupland’s artwork in his 2014 exhibition, ‘Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything’.


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