An angry poem about a tree in a library

At my university (Lancaster UK) there is a big tree in the middle of the library (see featured image), and whenever I look at it I feel angry. So I wrote a poem about it to vent my anger in a beautiful and poetic way. Here it is:


The Tree in the Library

A lone tree in a library?

Why not an elephant in a cage of ivory?

Its stem breaches a follicle in the concrete plain and

Like an arthritic hand its feeble boughs fumble towards the false sunlight.

One day I hope,

That among the crippled empty bookshelves,

The bed of rotten leaves and the inky tributaries which course over the

Crestfallen hardbacks, spines arched – face down –

Like an Amazonian colony of tiny roofs

That the tree remains.

The concrete crumbles as the roots rupture

And tentacular shoots clamber hungrily over desks and chairs

And a geometric world buckles – giving way to a curvilinear splendour.



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