Fateful motorcade

Wherein history careened

Like a stray bullet


nb: the prominent Pop Artist James Rosenquist painted ‘President Elect’ (featured image) in 1961, nearly 3 years before JFK’s assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald. But take a closer look at the image and you will see that it is astoundingly prophetic of the assassination. The sleek section of the car recalls the motorcade where it all happened, and the harrowing Zapruder footage of Jackie Kennedy clambering across the hood of the Lincoln Continental. Even the mirrored surface of the Wheel in Rosenquist’s painting appears to me as a perfect rendition of the Texas School Book Depository, where Oswald calmly waits, along with the bullet whose tenuous trajectory would dramatically alter the course of history. But the truly haunting image is located in the dead centre: a piece of cake bleached of all colour, torn apart by those deathly pale hands which reach from the pristine visage of JFK, an image which represents the moment of the bullet’s impact…